The Burton Caribbean Association (BCA) is a third sector community led organisation that owns and operates a community centre, located in an extremely deprived area within Burton-Upon-Trent.  The BCA is a registered charity and company limited by guarantee and is managed by a voluntary Board of Trustees (Directors).

The Association was established in 1974 to improve social and economic opportunities for Black Afro-Caribbean residents within the borough of East Staffordshire.  Meetings were held at member’s houses or rented premises for several years until the late Mr Verol Carruthers and 12 members raised enough funds to purchase 346 Uxbridge Street (The BCA) to have their meetings and hold educational and leisure activities for the black community.  BCA is now a fully inclusive organisation which aims to provide preventative and responsive services which tackle economic and social disadvantage and increase opportunities for the advancement of local people.

BCA officially opened in 1999 and became the information/drop in centre for people in the local community.  BCA continues to achieve its mission of serving the whole community and this is evident by the number of activities, educational and recreational available to everyone.

Burton Caribbean Association is a company limited by guarantee No. 4851039 and registered in England and Wales.  Registered office:  346 Uxbridge Street, Burton On Trent, Staffordshire.  DE14 3JS.  Charity No. 1106194